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Stop in and enjoy a delicious sample today!

All of our amazing olive oils and balsamics are try before
you buy!

We carry the highest quality imported Ultra Premium

Extra Virgin Olive Oils,

UP Fused & Infused Olive Oils, and Gourmet Italian Balsamic Vinegars!

They are all amazing, delicious, and packed with incredible health benefits!

Take a moment to browse our site pages packed with great information, fun events, and lots of deliciousness!  Be sure to stop by

our store soon to find all of

your new favorites!

Est. December 2017
 Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah
Valley of Virginia. 

We are just over a mile west of Massanutten Resort and just 7 miles east of Harrisonburg along Rt.33.                 
Valley Olive Oil & Balsamics storefront

Did someone say vinegar on ice cream?

Before 2017, we would have said

you must be kidding...


As long as they are our super sweet

all natural balsamics!

Our adventure with these amazing oils and vinegars began while at the beach visiting with family.  Our family had a beautiful store in Indiana, called the Tasty Olive Company.  They told us how amazing these oils were, how incredibly healthy, and bursting with flavor.  They told us about the truth surrounding many store bought so called Extra Virgin Olive Oils found

in the US and how what we

were putting in our body was

not at all what we thought it was

based on the many deceptive labels.  


Always ready to try something new, and a bit curious, we visited another sister store and could not believe the difference!  We have always thought we were using quality olive oil.  Wow! were we wrong!  We quickly found that there was absolutely no comparison to the flavor and quality of the oil we were sampling against the store bought brands we believed were "good enough."  Then we sampled the selection of fused and infused oils and the incredibly sweet and delicious balsamic vinegar selection from Modena Italy.  It was so good!  We had only experienced balsamic vinaigrettes and had no clue about actual balsamic vinegar itself.   


Just one taste, and we knew the why behind our family saying that vinegar could even be used on desserts.  The flavors were amazing!  We learned the difference in the quality, purity, and care that goes into every oil and vinegar along with how we could use it in just about everything we consume.  Not to mention taking a little each day

for the incredible health benefits.  

Needless to say, we knew we needed to have a store of our own in our little town so that we could share these wonderful oils with our community

and visitors to the Valley. 

We love our oils and balsamics! 

With just one taste, you will too!

Our Story...
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