We carry bottles for all of your oils and vinegar needs in 60ml, 200ml, & 375ml.

All bottles are filled in store with the freshest high quality gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar of your choice.

Our olive oil and balsamic vinegars are all natural, with no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives.

Bring your Valley Olive and Leaf Co. bottles back for a refill discount!

Bottle must be empty, clean, & dry.  

We do not recommend cleaning in the dishwasher as it will leave sediment.

A couple drops of dish soap and hot water is best.


If you need a new cork, we do have extra corks available and will reseal your bottle for travel.

We offer a $1.50 per bottle savings when you bring one of our 200ml or 375 ml bottles back into our store for a refill. 

We offer a $ .50 per bottle savings when you bring one of our 60ml bottles back into our store for a refill.


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UP Extra Virgins




Fused & Infused UP Olive Oils

Tuscan Herb

Milanese Gremolata

Herbs de Provence



Mushroom & Sage


Cilantro & Onion


Mandarin Orange

(Blood Orange)

Persian Lime

Eureka Lemon

Baklouti Chili (Hot)

Chipotle (Med Hot)

White Balsamic Vinegars

Cara Cara Orange Vanilla


Cranberry Pear


Honey Ginger

Sicilian Lemon

Key Lime

Lemongrass Mint

Alfoos Mango

Ripe Peach



Dark Balsamic Vinegars

Blackberry Ginger

Black Cherry


Cinnamon Pear

Dark Chocolate



Vermont Maple


Red Apple



Traditional, Aged 18 Years

Tahitian Vanilla


Specialty Oils & Vinegars

Black Truffle Olive Oil

Pure Sesame Oil

Serrano Honey Vinegar

Red Wine Vinegar

Oregano White Vinegar

The oils and balsamic vinegars supplied by Veronica Foods Company are gluten free products
and are produced and packaged in gluten free facilities (i.e., no products are produced

or packaged in our facility which could cause gluten contamination).

Note: Nutritional Facts and Gluten Free Statement

provided by Veronica Foods Company, Oakland, CA

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