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With so much fake and adulterated oil on the market, make sure you are consuming high quality olive oil...taste it first!  If it does not taste fresh and peppery, its not fit for your table!

Below are some videos and links that will help you understand what is going on in the industry and what to look for.  We highly recommend Tom Mueller's book "Extra Virginity" & be sure to visit our store for a taste of delicious UP Extra Virgin Olive Oil today!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To ensure ultimate freshness, our supplier “chases the crush” ensuring a constant supply of the freshest extra virgin olive oil available from regions growing harvesting and pressing olives each season. Through our importer, Veronica Foods, who partners with growers in Northern and Southern Hemispheres to identify the latest harvests, we are able to obtain our oils from northern hemisphere countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, California, and Tunisia) after the fall press, and we obtain oils from our Southern Hemisphere countries (Portugal, Argentina, Chili, Brazil, and Australia) in the fall.

Our suppliers require our growers to pick the olives green, press them with no heat or chemicals within 4 hours of picking. The product is sampled and if the taste is what is expected, the oil is sent to a non-affiliated 3rd party lab to be analyzed for proper chemistry. The IOC (International Olive Council) standards set the baseline criteria for the lab analysis of each selected oil. Each harvest is analyzed ensure the consistency of quality and freshness year after year. If the oil has the proper chemistry our company buys the whole lot and sends it out to Veronica Foods stores. Once harvested and approved, these oils are available to us, and our customers within weeks ensuring you have the freshest high bio phenol olive oil possible.

The following is a script from "Agromafia" which aired on Jan. 3, 2016. Bill Whitaker is the correspondent.

Guy Campanile, producer.

When it comes to knock-offs of Italian classics -- you probably think of fake Guccis or Pradas -- not food.

But last month, police in Italy nabbed 7,000 tons of phony olive oil. Much of it was bound for American stores. The oil was from North Africa, deodorized with chemicals and rebranded as more expensive Italian extra virgin. The scam was cooked-up by organized crime.

Tom Mueller, the author of Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil, explains why Olive Oil fraud is so prevalent, the different forms that it takes, and how you can avoid inferior

extra virgin olive oil.

Most of us probably don't give much thought to what’s in the bottle of olive oil we buy at the store. We may think it’s just like picking up any other cooking oil. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. A recent study revealed that some imported olive oil is diluted, mislabeled, or misrepresented. That’s put a spotlight on what some consider the surprisingly scandalous world of

olive oil from overseas.

Fake Olive Oil Mafia. Is the olive oil industry controlled by the Mafia and using fake olive oil? Has the Italian Mafia Sold You Fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Don't fall victim to olive oil fraud and learn how to Avoid Fake Olive Oil.

Ginger Zee takes an adventure through Italy on a search to find the best Italian olive oil and discovers how weather is putting it in jeopardy.

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