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We offer several ways to save!

Bottle refill discounts, holiday sales, Bakers Dozen daily sale, temporary sales, military appreciation, & our NEW cash back for purchases Rewards Program!

See each reward below for additional details!

Clean Bottle Refill Discount

Bring your Valley Olive Oil & Balsamics bottles back in and we will refill them for a discount!

Bottle must be empty, clean, & dry.  

We are not able to refill bottles that are not clean and dry,

nor other sizes and shapes than what we carry in store, only those supplied by Veronica Foods Inc. 

We do refill other Veronica Foods supplied stores bottles in the sizes that we currently carry in our store.

For cleaning, we do not recommend cleaning in the dishwasher as it will leave sediment.

A couple drops of dish soap and hot water rinsing is best.  Let dry upside down and leave your corks out so no moisture still in the cork will ruin the rim of your bottle.  If your cork is damaged or lose, we have replacement corks at no additional charge.

We offer a $2.00 per bottle savings when you bring one of our 200ml or 375 ml bottles back into our store for a refill. 

We offer a $ .50 per bottle savings when you bring one of our 60ml bottles back into our store for a refill.




Join our NEW Rewards Program!

Collect coins with every purchase to redeem for discounts

in store & online!  Click the button below to sign up!


By joining our rewards program, you collect coins with ever dollar spent in our store

& receive a gift coin for signing up as well as birthday & promo gift coins!

Coins are redeemed whenever you choose by selecting the amount of coins/dollars you want to redeem at any time, producing a coupon code for a dollar amount to be discounted from your purchase.  Simply show us the coupon in store and we will discount your purchase at checkout.  For online orders, simply email us a screenshot of your coupon and we will reply with a Square discount code equal to your redeemed coins/dollars that you can use at checkout in our online store. 


*Rewards program may be used for new purchases only

and may not be combined with other sales and discounts offered

like our refill discount program and buy 12 get the 13th free promotion.

Reward coins may be redeemed for new bottle or product purchases within the same order

as your refills or promo sales as long as they are used for a regularly priced item or bundle.

Bakers Dozen Savings

Buy 12 bottles of any size and receive the 13th bottle of equal or lesser value FREE!

Offer applies to new bottle purchases only.  Our Bakers Dozen Savings is an ongoing daily opportunity to stock up on your favorites or buy gifts for others and save with a free bottle.  For mixed bottle size orders, we will do our best to ensure that you receive the equal amount for your free bottle.


Discounts may not be combined and stacked. 

We will always try to make sure that you receive whichever is the greatest discount available.

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